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Is there an admission to the festival?

     There is no admission cost to the Red, White & BBQ Festival.  The only cost is what you
     decide to spend on food, drinks and other vendors.

Where can I park and is there designated handicap parking available?

     First off, there will be designated handicap parking near the entertainment area with proper
     placards.  There will be regular parking all around Ty Warner Park on the surrounding
     streets with additional free parking at the Westmont Junior and Senior High Schools
     which are only about 1/2 block away.

Do you have an ATM available and do vendors accept credit cards?

     YES, we will have an ATM on site for your convenience

Will there be a carnival this year?

     YES!  There will be an all ages carnival.  We will also be offering an UNLIMITED ride
     bracelet on Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:00 PM.  The cost IS $25.00 per bracelet

Are dogs allowed?

     Dogs are not allowed on the festival grounds.  This is for the safety of our festival patrons.
     Service animals have no restrictions.  However, dog are allowed in Ty Warner Park in    
     accordance with Westmont Park District rules and regulations.  Park District Rules on pets.

Can we sample the competitors food?

     Generally, the competitors do not offer samples to the public.  Most will however give tips
     and tricks to you on how to become a better home cook.  The RWBBQ Competitions
     and Festival does have a BBQ vendor area to purchase world class BBQ while listening to
     the FREE live music, enjoying a cold beverage or just socializing with friends and family

What about "Concealed Carry?"

     Concealed Carry weapons are prohibited at the Red, White & BBQ Festival.  Please visit the
     Illinois State Police website ( for more
     information on the law in Illinois.

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